Hey brave soul,

Welcome to my 1:1 divine playground ;)

This application is ONLY for you if you are truly ready to claim your wild dreams and make the shifts that your soul desires to live in true alignment with your highest and best. Inner freedom. Exquisite pleasure. Pussy prowess. Permission to be all of you. Quantum healing in all quadrants of your fully spirit and fully human life.

I'm Ready!

1:1 mentorship


6 Month

Before you apply, please be aware that this is a 6 month 1:1 mentorship container, and is a $4,444 investment. 

You'll hear back from me via email if we are an aligned match and we will set up a FREE 20 min discovery call together. OR I might suggest a different program or pathway for you, and even recommend you to a sister healer in my network that might have an offering that could be a better fit for you. You see? Even here, right now, spirit is working it’s magic through you, guiding you toward your next inspired step. Take a breath and let yourself be held. Spirit has GOT you.

Ascension curriculum is co-created with my five pillars of soul truth embodiment  -- Intuition, Play, Pleasure, Prowess + Wisdom. 

Number ONE: The truth of how I work

This application is for me to feel into you. My gift to the world is living my sensitivity in FULL. That means that any action I take is in partnership with my spirit guides. When I sense the subtle energy behind your words, I will feel into your delicious blind spots + patterns, your deepest fears and longings, and overall vibrational attitude toward your life. I channel spirit to show us what you need to know now and how I can serve you best. My commitment is to give you presence and prophecy to co-create your ascension curriculum to elevate you to the highest possible timeline for your soul's evolution. 

1:1 journeys are not for everyone. I call in devoted, self-leading change agents who are ready to blow themselves away with their own capacity for transformation, expansion and freedom. I will guide you but I am not here to rescue you from your depths or drag you into the light. You ARE the light, I am here to help you remember how to be embodied. This relationship is a portal where you learn to self-heal + lead yourself — in a more expansive and delicious way than you’ve ever experienced before.

Number TWO: The truth of my mission

I am not a mentor healer who will teach you my “secret formula to blah blah.” I DO NOT subscribe to the one size fits all paradigm. Nor do I think that my way is THE way. I am here to guide you to trust YOUR OWN truth.

My goal is that through working together you gain a greater awareness into why your soul chose the path it chose for your highest evolution, and how you can leverage the quantum field to rapidly shift your beliefs, mindset and subconscious blocks.

My commitment is to inspire and motivate you to work your light, and courageously ride your fear, confront your limited perceptions of yourself and dissolve any obstacles in your way. I want you to build a life that ACTUALLY contains the truth of who you are. Why? Because your truth is your compass and key to your liberation. And the world needs you.

Number THREE: The truth of what’s possible

I know change isn’t easy. But I will be demanding it and celebrating it.  My anthem for you is that you drip in wetness with YOUR OWN TRUTH, embody your OWN energetics, unlock your OWN DNA codes, and intuit yourself into self healing leadership and divine flow that will affirm for you in the bones of your soul that anything is fucking possible if you just believe it and hold your vibration to match it.

I won't give you any BS -- I am going to tell you how it is and help you handle it, regulate your nervous system, shift your beliefs, embody the new frequency, all at the same time.

To be in flow state means that anything that is in resistance must go. Anything is possible, and when you believe it you will co-create it. I love you already!

Does this activate you into a full body hell yes?


Who I serve:

You are a dreamer, an insight seeker, a modern mystic, a visionary, a feeler healer, a creative change agent — You are calling in more alchemy, magic and sacred mysticism in your life.

You are mischievous, kinky, ridiculous, witty, wild, adventurous and playful. I see you, I feel you, I fully honor your kink as an expression of your multidimensionality. 

You are beyond ready to heal your witch wound and come out of the spiritual broom closet -- you know there are more past life memories to alchemize and you are ready to go there and get at it!

You are a wisdom keeper: A Priestesses, Starseed, Light Worker who seeks to live in the flow state of divine masc strategy and divine fem receptivity. You may struggle with being embodied, setting boundaries, clearing ancestral karmic debris, co-dependency, self sabotage, self criticism… keeping your light on… and you have a hard time giving your human the grace because you're such an old soul and it's hard for you to surrender to the now moment with compassion?

You are a pleasure warrior. Radically committed to your sensuality, intimacy, your purpose, your pussy, your womb wisdom. And food. You love good food. 

You have the responsibility of the knowing: Whether claimed or not, you are deeply clairvoyant, or clairsentient, empathic, telepathic, psychic, often struggle with protecting and understanding your sensitivity, honing your gifts and acting on your knowing. You are NOT an imposter, an outcast or a weirdo, you are so effin special and simply unpracticed! You belong here. 

You are a healer, in so many of your lives , you always have been. You have some deep seeded subconscious blocks and fragmented inner child wounds that keep you from embodying the full range of your gifts and your service mission. You crave practices and tools to clear and rebalance energetically, emotionally, mentally and physically. To see yourself through the eyes of higher self.

You are a mistress of the metaphysical, always seeking to make sense of what is happening from a spiritual perspective. You seek ways to stay sovereign, ascension tips, to keep your vibe ultra high while still grounded, able to love and respect every truth and perspective in this reality. 

The psycho spiritual things turn you on-- you want to know the root cause for everything and have the practiced knowledge of how heal anything from UTI’s to migraines to a sprained ankle.

You have prophetic dreams and seek to explore more interpretation, lucidity and healing. 

You are seeking a reliable and direct line of communication with your spirit guides, angels, archangels, ascended masters and teachers.

You want to sync your rhythms with the elemental wisdom of pachamama and understand how to practice devotion, offerings and reverence to receive blessings and live in harmony with mama earth.


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Surrender yourself to your next psychological ego death + rebirth.

It’s time to receive your miracles. To become a magnet for what you deeply deeply desire and know is for you. For your eternal truth to reign. 

Your ability to get yourself out of the way reveals your true power as a creator. 

Now, this is important. If you are not interested in the shadow work then my teachings probably aren't for you. And that is TOTALLY OK. I am here to break hearts open, but I am not the first stop along the inner work journey. It has taken me a long time to accept that, so if you don't like to face your fears and take responsibility for your healing then this mentorship probably isn’t for you.

I serve star tribe, soul mate clients who are activated by me activating myself. We made a contract to elevate together long before the moment you arrived to my website and read my shpiel. And when you feel it — the remembering, the full body hell yes — it will be such a turn on that you won’t be able to ignore the niggle if you tried. Because these words, this container, this journey will serve as a home coming and you know it’s what you’ve been craving. I already adore you and can’t wait to celebrate your expansion!

Surrender my love. Let yourself be held. 

Sneak Peak

A taste of the healing toolbox

'DNA activation' to unlock the karmic codes of who you really are with Pleiadian soul fam guide Hannah 

‘3D to 5D Belief Matrix Reprograming’ with Starseed Hannah 

‘Face Your Fears and Integrate Trauma' Conscious Breathwork Journey with Warrior Princess Hannah

‘Strengthening Inner Child Immunity’ with Cancer Moon Mama Hannah (this is the real deal)

‘Full Body Goosy and Visionary Past-Life Intuitive Downloads’ with Psychic Hannah

‘Break on Through to The Other Side’ Meridian Tapping with Limbic System Whisperer Hannah

'Angel and Ancestor Guidance + Healing' with Intuitive Super Hybrid Hannah

‘What Do My Weird Somatic Symptoms Actually Mean’ Biology of Belief Blueprint with Metaphysical Mistress Hannah 

‘Cry from The Depths of Your Soul Archives’ Energy Release with Master Light Channeler Hannah

‘Astro Psychology and Natal Chart personality reading’ (you’ll love it, trust me)

‘Energy Medicine Yoga’ with Pocahontas Grandmother Willow Hannah 

'Yum Yum Factor' Therapeutic Reflexology and acupressure adjustments with Magical Hands Hannah

‘Real Parasympathetic Rest’ Yin Restoration with Chinese Medicine + Buddha Nature Hannah 

‘Essential Oil Potions and Natural Remedies’ with Witchy Wilderness Survival Guide Hannah 

‘The Forgotten Secrets of Sacred Play’ with Goofy Potty-Mouth JewCrew Camp Counselor Hannah

Weekly 1:1 intuitive coaching calls + healings

DNA light activations, channeled messages and transmissions from spirit

Weekly soulwork - via my library of resources, moon map for your cycle, new + full moon rituals, exercises, meditations, yoga, breathwork, tapping, pleasure practices, and more.

Instant access to my exclusive online spiritual playground membership collective (coming soon)

Evolving intention: As I evolve so does our container. I will share my journey and resources with you to continue to equip and educate you with tools to break free from mindsets, emotions, and memories that limit your vision and quantum self.


What to expect: