Hi brave spirit!

I am an intuitive energy healer, spiritual mentor + visionary.

I am a Pisces sun, Cancer moon + Aquarius rising. And a generator in human design.

I have always been highly attuned to the emotional and psychic fields of other people. From an early age, I could feel people's pain on my body and knew what they were hiding from before they knew it themselves.

When I was 2 I discovered self pleasure and since then have experienced the power of energy mastery to awaken, transform and accelerate my journey to self actualization.  

I have been called a light warrior, a high priestess, a shadow walker, a way shower, a tender hearted feeler, an energy midwife, a radical truth teller, the merciful one and “The permission slip healer”.

My main message: You can heal anything. It's time to Wakey Wakey!

I am here to remind you how to surf the matrix, relish in the unknown and live with discernment, freedom, radical honesty and self sovereignty. 

I am Hannah Rose.

I have had many opportunities to "wake up" to my heroine's journey.

I went blind when I was 18. The doctors said I would never see again. My body did everything it could to get my attention, leaving me spiritual breadcrumbs in the form of blood clots and other mystery somatic symptoms and auto immune illnesses, each revealing subconscious beliefs, negative habits and unintegrated emotional pain, in attempts to wake me up to my sleeping power to heal myself.

At the time, I felt powerless and terrified,  which sent me into a depressed and anxious martyrdom spiral. But I knew deep down all along that the pain was a door and I would have to get brave enough to walk through the threshold of my own suffering if I wanted any lasting change in my life. You see, the signs were clear. Before I went blind, I was struggling with a broken family divorce, loss, chronic pain, unhealed trauma, sexual abuse, self abuse, religious guilt, toxic relationships, drugs, sex, you know... You know. I was crying for a way out. For help. 

I went to energy healers and spiritual mentors. To woo woo witches. To the medicine of the east. And I learned the truth about how and why I got sick. I healed myself (we all can, by the way, I am not a unicorn or trust fund baby), and not just of the blindness, the depression or mystery auto immune illnesses. The root. of. it. all. Turning every habit, belief and pattern into the path is a PRACTICED skill. and I believe it's the right of every human to walk the path of lasting healing. 

What I found in the darkness of my blindspots changed everything. I became a master of my own energy, synthesizing the biology of belief into sweet soul-activating karmic healing nectar. I learned how to love all my parts, but really love myself and take responsibility for my life without blame or shame. 

I thank my blindness as a messenger and covet it's teaching as medicine for my evolution.

I want to help you see your blindspots too. I’m here to shine the light on your hidden shadows and activate you into remembering who you are, why you chose curriculums you chose, and how to embody that wisdom here and now to clear the patterns keeping you from elevating. 

I am here to shed light on your karmic blind spots so that you can go inward and finally SEE. 

I could tell you stories for days. To inspire you, to motivate you, to shock you into change.

If you are reading this, I would bet that you are highly empathic and intuitive and have hella good stories of synchronicities, ego deaths  and rebirth. 

What happens for me, like so many other feelers I know, is that our sensitivity to the suffering of others is so grand, showing up in our bodies and beliefs, that instead of learning energy hygiene, protection + mastery, we armor up. That way, nothing gets in, but nothing gets out either. We become warriors for so long, that even after the battles end, we walk the earth weaponized because we don't know how to do it any other way. 

I used to believe that my weapons protected me from judgement, rejection and shame. And taking on what wasn’t mine.  I resisted letting them go, even after they served their purpose. 

All they really did was keep me from being seen and seeing myself. Living heart centered - heart open - heart activated. Receptive. 

 In 2011 I moved to Israel and served in the Israeli Military as a non commissioned officer in an intelligence and foreign relations unit. I enlisted in the army for reasons that I only understood years after my service. I learned that one of the reasons I drafted to the Israeli army was to prove to myself that my holocaust survivor ancestry was an identity that could be dignified through the legacy of survival. So I fought. 

Turns out, I needed to learn the ways of the warrior.  I had to stare death in the eyes and see the ways of war in order to surrender my battles within. The ways of the light warrior were born out of these circumstances. Or remembered, rather, from many lifetimes of unintegrated warrior energy. 

Since healing my blindness and going to battle, I have long since decided that in a dis-eased, love deprived and chronically un-rested world, no one else will ever give me the permission to put my weapons down. 

And in choosing to unpack them one by one, I have un-armored myself. The only weapon that remains is love. Love as a boundary setter, as a protective shield, as a stake in the sand. But love is the only one that gets to stay and guide the way. 

Now I am both intimidated and turned on by my own power. 

The light warrior's path is the journey of activating the truth of service in the name of highest love. 

My own soul truth embodiment process is what I teach. A healing philosophy that combines the following beliefs that I live by:

You signed up to be here - You knew you'd come here with amnesia and you still signed up because you are THAT brave and badass. Your life lessons will be repeated until learned. Self-reflection, inquiry + study is essential so that you can understand your habitual karmic conditioning and break those cycles for your own soul, your family line and the collective. AKA we need you!

The body is your subconscious mind manifested - Your body is not who you are, it's where you live. There’s a mental, emotional, and spiritual reason for every single illness, dis-ease and chronic tension pattern. It is in your highest interest to take responsibility for investigating how, why and where this shows up for you. (Psssst following the metaphysical breadcrumbs is my specialty)

Play will set you free - it’s the spiritual gateway to fun, joy and liberation. Your joy is inherently selfless. In meditation, my guardian angel once told me that there’s nothing more spiritual I can do than allow myself to play for the sake of playing. Let that one sink in. Permission slip to PLAY and break through the upper limits keeping you from accepting this truth as an irrefutable knowing.

It was hard. Still is! But I have tools and choosing to break myself open again and again really taught me that each one of us is eligible to be guided by a clear voice of truth from within, that offers unwavering strength and resilience to surrender to life’s deepest blows from higher wisdom perspective. And it was my job to become aware of all the interferences, subconscious patterns and 'shoulds’ that I was unconsciously still subscribing to even though I knew that they weren't true for me anymore. Then teach it. Then repeat.

So, the wisdom of my life journey is my gift. It's what I teach.

After serving in the army I traveled. I wandered. I studied and began to collect skills + certifications. More heartbreak, loss + grief. More wisdom. 

There are two things I know for sure. My resilient warrior spirit and healer’s intuition are really what influence everything I do and create. I know that suffering is the holy guide to healing and I am here to distill those teachings into knowing, earth shaking embodiment. I live by the truth that anything can be healed and any tragedy or obstacle can be turned into the path. 

My direct connection to spirit, my allies, angels, guides and ancestors are an integral part of who I am and who I am here to be. Everything I do is about helping others claim their spirituality and connect to whatever medicine they need in order to embody the highest vibration of self love, wholeness, joy and liberation.

I believe that it is our birthright to give ourselves permission to live the most bold, brave and fully lit life we could ever imagine. I believe that anytime we have the courage to feel the emotions from previous lives we receive the gifts and wisdom we had in that lifetime, with the ability to apply it to this current life. 

I am here to mentor the feeler healers and truth seekers in how to raise their vibration through accepting all parts of themselves. There is no greater joy than a soul in alignment and service with their soul’s mission.

Talk Dharma to me, baby!

Let’s stay awake for it.

We chose this life. 

When I started to practice my life in accordance with my core values and soul truths, everything changed. 

1:1 Spirit Mentorship

Brave one, this is a self healing + feminine leadership portal. 

Are you craving a channeled, reliable, direct line of communication with your highest self, future self and inner knowing?

Are you seeking clarity and support to ground your spiritual knowledge and gifts from someone who truly understands what it means to be conscious and incredibly intuitive and empathic in our world?

My vision for this mentorship is to serve you as a vessel, a coach and expander as you solidify your relationship with your own eternal truth.

This container is an apprenticeship with divine intelligence and mystery school tools. It's a remembering of wisdom and lessons from your past lives and missions to activate you into self mastery in a more playful and delicious way than you’ve ever experienced before. 

I am here to inspire your light potential, activate your genius, and mentor you into tapping into your insight power in order to direct it into every avenue of prosperity + purpose to fulfill your soul's destiny. 
We need you fully lit up. Vamos light babe!

Journey with me


6 Month

When I work with Hannah Rose I am signing up to be in her energy and I can always trust I will get exactly what I need.

Working with her is Soul nourishment. I’ve been in the self-growth and transformation space my entire adult life. I’ve made huge changes, but nothing compared to what’s happened the last six months working 1:1 with Hannah Rose. The spiritual gates are fully opened and the transformation happening – well, I can hardly keep up with it.  The results (that are still unfolding) are more than worth leaning into the discomfort! Hannah is magic and she helps me see  my magic too. - Lisa Mott

Hannah Rose is an emotional pipe cleaner.

With empathy, compassion, and unmatched wisdom, she is able to help you deep clean the emotional trauma from your life both physically and metaphorically. Very rarely have I felt so heard, seen, validated, cleansed, uplifted, and moved in such a safe space. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my soul while also feeling more grounded and secure. I cannot recommend this transformational work with Hannah enough. - Ari A.

Hannah Rose possesses strength, power and wisdom unlike anything I have ever witnessed in another human being.

I have been working with her for 3 months and she has already taught me so much in such a short period of time. I have been broken wide open, activated, holding and loving myself. My life has completely changed. She is the embodiment of love, power and pure healing magic. I am so grateful. - Shanna W.

Working with Hannah was the next step of unlocking my potential. 

Everything about my journey with Hannah Rose was so clearly divinely orchestrated. I experienced such a beautiful release of emotions and acceptance of all the different parts of myself, and am so grateful for it all. I would not have been able to do this session a few years ago, so it was a true testament to how far I’ve come on my journey. Hannah Rose is not the first stop along the journey.  Margaux F.

Hannah Rose provides a unique blend of energy work and emotional therapy unlike I have never experienced before. 

I have worked in the wellness industry for 30 years now and I highly recommend working with Hannah Rose. She is phenomenal and highly intuitive. Be open to the journey process and you will be amazed. - Joan G.

Truth is her first language and she bathes it in compassion. 

In one sitting, Hannah Rose can intuitively get to the heart of a matter that would take others years to get to the bottom of.  She sees infinite possibility, beyond what is in front of you and is the epitome of helping us manifest a life we want. - Margherita V.

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