Hey brave soul,

Welcome to my 1:1 playground ;)

This application is ONLY for you if you are truly ready to claim your wild dreams and make the shifts that your soul desires to live in true alignment with your highest and best. Inner freedom. Exquisite pleasure. Permission to be all of you. Quantum healing in all quadrants of your fully spirit and fully human life.

I'm Ready!

1:1 mentorship


6 Month

Before you apply, please be aware that this is a 6 month 1:1 mentorship container, and is a $4,444 investment. 

You'll hear back from me via email if we are an aligned match or I might suggest a different program or pathway for you, or even recommend you to a sister healer in my network that might have an offering that could be a better fit for you. You see? Even here, right now, spirit is working it’s magic through you, guiding you toward your next inspired step. Take a breath and let yourself be held. Spirit has GOT you.

Number ONE: The truth of how I work

This application is for ME to feel into you. My gift to the world is living my sensitivity in FULL. That means when I sense the subtle energy behind your words, I will feel into your delicious blind spots + patterns, your deepest fears and longings, and overall vibrational attitude toward your life. My commitment is to really attune to you and co-create your ascension curriculum with downloads from spirit. This is how I let my intuition lead your 1:1 program, meeting you where you are on your heroine’s journey and knowing what insight is needed to elevate you to the highest possible timeline that is beyond your current perception of what’s possible.

1:1 journeys are not for everyone. I call in devoted, self-leading change agents who are ready to blow themselves away with their own capacity for transformation, expansion and freedom. I will guide you but I am not here to rescue you from your depths or drag you into the light. This relationship is a portal where you learn to self-heal + lead yourself — in a more expansive and delicious way than you’ve ever experienced before.

Number TWO: The truth of my mission

I am not a mentor healer who will teach you my “secret formula to blah blah.” I DO NOT subscribe to the one size fits all paradigm. Nor do I think that my way is THE way. I am here to guide you to YOUR truth. Your journey through the thicket to uncovering, remembering, and healing is yours and yours only. There is no certification in you.
My goal is that through working together you gain a greater awareness into what living in alignment for you really means, and then harness the potency of being seen and held as you dance with your demons and mount your stallion of fear. My commitment is to inspire and motivate you to courageously ride your fear, confront your limited perceptions of yourself and dissolve any obstacles in your way. I want you to build a life that ACTUALLY contains the truth of who you are. Why? Because your truth is your compass and key to your liberation. And the world needs you.

Number THREE: The truth of what’s possible

I know change isn’t easy. But I will be demanding it and celebrating it. And I will share with you the entire roadmap of how I changed my life. From crippling anxiety, soul crushing jobs, dis-eases, divorce, broke cross country moves, to living on an island, calling in soul fed relationships and activating a life that turns me on. My anthem for you is that you drip in wetness with YOUR OWN TRUTH, embody your OWN energetics, unlock your OWN DNA codes, and intuit yourself into self healing leadership and divine flow that will affirm for you in the bones of your soul that anything is fucking possible if you just believe it and hold your vibration to match it.

If I am speaking to your soul, then buckle up and 


Who I serve:

I don’t call in clients who need me. I call in clients who are activated by me continuously inspiring and activating myself. I am here to speak directly to your power and your potent possibility for self mastery, self compassion and self love. I am NOT here to call you in through your pain and suffering. Although we WILL be tending to your pain body and those emotional wounds buried deep in the archives of your soul, your suffering is not something to be capitalized. It is holy.

I am here to remind you of your genius and your own sacred intelligence, and how to tap it, protect it, and direct it into every avenue of healing expansion you desire. As I pour my medicine and you receive from it, I am also healing from it, I am also receiving, learning, witnessing myself through witnessing you. We are both forever changed, forever rising, storytelling, guiding one another home. This is the gift of a spiritually guided mentorship.

I know this because you are here for a reason. We made a contract to work together long before this moment. And when you feel in alignment, it will be such a hell yes you won’t be able to ignore it if you tried. Because these words, this container, this journey will serve as a home coming and you know it’s what you’ve been craving.

Although I have hundreds of hours of trainings and accreditations, I am less concerned with what I have studied. What interests me more is why I practice. And then how I embody those wisdom teachings in order to guide YOU through YOUR process along the various pathways of your unique journey to liberation.

If you are not interested in accessing and listening to the promptings of your soul, then my teachings probably aren't for you. And that is TOTALLY OK. I am here to break hearts open, but I am not the first stop along the inner work journey of the ascension process. It has taken me a long time to accept that, so if you don't like to go deep into the shadows, then this mentorship probably isn’t for you.


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Instant allowance. Inner peace no matter what is happening around you.

I know what it feels like to be living an ish life.

I felt terrified-ish, trapped-ish, stuck-ish. In jobs, relationships, friendships and cities that just weren’t IT. They didn’t light up my soul.

Pseudo alignment isn’t truth.

I un-trapped myself. I got out of the matrix and broke through the limited perceptions of what I thought was possible for me.

I claimed my different-ness. My truth. And there’s a roadmap. A survival guide. A compass. For you. With your name on it.

When we stand up and show our souls, claim our sovereignty and take responsibility to heal and change anything that isn’t aligned, we give others permission to do the same. This is how we heal the collective. One vibe at a time.

Let’s take the VIP route to accelerated ascension and truth empowerment. Ditch the damn shame train, the stories and the upper limits that you KNOW are bullshit and you’re ready to break those bad boys once and for all. I know this isn’t your first rodeo and that you’ve done a LOT of work to get here. I know you are over spending thousands of hours and dollars on self help, personal development and healing programs that don’t integrate lasting change and soul activating breakthroughs. I am ready to pop bottles and cherries for you as we embark on this juicy journey of self liberation.

Let's play