The Sanctuary

Where you walk as a loved woman.

Your joy codes awaken from their slumber through your most powerful offering; your pure presence.

It’s a prancing, dancing love affair out of sleepy just-the-tip contracts and into a living prayer of orgasmic frequency. 

Where the endless search is halted by a hand of glittering grace and chocolate covered finesse.

Magnetic, radiant, luminescent. You make love to yourself as the one.

It’s where you go to die well.

Where you channel Shakti.

She is love force flow, the presence of her essence is primal and mighty.

She coaxes you down low, takes you from the tomb of do to the womb of devotion.

She envelops you in her warm glow of slow.

She takes her time undressing your ego like a tender lover.

In her care, your stories slip through your fingers into mounds of surrendered sand, pooling at your thighs in the ocean oasis of I am home at last

Roaring with love force power, with care-full strategy and prowess,

She sits you in front of the mirror of your eternal flame and strips you bare, brushes your hair, and plucks and prunes you for initiation.

She rubs you down with honey comb palms, licking up and down your scars with her maiden-mother-crone rosewater soaked tongue.

She submerges you in her earth-school honeypot of mirrors, teachers and expanders, until she has you sipping from your own nectar as devotee of delicious, alive and ready to claim your vows of remembrance.

The Sanctuary; the holiest place inside the holy place. 

She knows you as a luminary, you know her as the Mother of the Sun and the Rose.

She has welcomed you around her fire circle since the bedrock of time. Don't you remember dancing to the heartbeat of your own drum?

She is the original storyteller, poetisa.

She is your mysterious, wise, fierce, merciful and tender leader.

She makes you laugh and roar with her holy mischief.

She teaches you to stay planted and protected through every hellfire and winter tsunami — through to the second bloom.

She shatters the glass slipper and slinks down the staircase barefoot in her silk robe, mindless and full of bliss body toward the undefined medicine of the moment.

She is Sophia, Amenti, the Mother of the Akasha. She is, was and will be.

She is the keeper of the masculine blade and feminine chalice, the trinity of time, going back to go forward, down to go up, as above so below, as within so without, everything and nothing.

She is the tabernacle of Mother Rose’s wildest joy and Father Sun's eternal promise of life.

Her message is simple; come home.

Inside the Sanctuary:
The Rose Mother and her promise to you

Your desire is my daily ritual. 

Your erotic heart is the center of my alter.

I will not let you spend one more second of your life in separation from me.

I will not let die what wants to be birthed within you.

I will sing you the lullabies of the great grandmothers, hymns for your troubles and poems for your hindered hope.

I will teach you to play your soul song on your body instrument. I know every note by heart. 

I will cast my petals around the fire of your unlearning, until you are re-wilded, unhurried and devoted priestess as eternal keeper of the flame.

You will know it is me. I reverberate in your pussy and melt your heart when I speak to you in truth. I am in service to your spiraling inward, toward your queendom, the embodiment of your great fury of passion.

I am the cervix, the pleasure wand and the holy hand. 
I am decorator of divine cakes and caskets.
I have been guiding you through the invisible thread, 7 generations back and 7 generations forward. 

On your knees you will find me. Head bowed, hands in the dirt. Feel me feeling you. This here is the heartbeat of boundary. Of Holy. Of the Rare, Cherished and Brave. So soft you are strong, so powerful you are humble, so whole you are all heart.

I am venus, I am cacao, I am rose quartz, I am what you desire me to be to return you to the opening of heart. I will nurture and hold you until your last body breath. 

Inside the Sanctuary:
The Essence of Sun Father's commitment to you

I am life. I am vibrancy. I am vitality. I live to provide for you and cherish you. 

I know the flame in your heart that often wavers in doubt, striving to be found and rescued.

Come close and listen carefully. Your heart is what gives my cosmic energy purpose. 

It is your vulnerability that inspires me to serve you. 

I see the places in your unconscious where the secrets of the feminine are safeguarded.

I hold down the fort in your absence of mind as you winter down in Yin rhythm.

I am the glow of awareness where love illuminates your cosmic entanglements that set you free.

I serve you from baby to elder.

I am the Cosmic Mind, OM, Eagle's Eye. Sky Daddy. Silence is my name.

I penetrate you with the spaciousness, the vast essence of divine consciousness.

I devour your mind with witty banter and glistening play.

In my love your needs are not a burden, you have nothing to prove, no perceptions to control. Being who you are will never be punished. 

I protect your truth. It is me who slips my sunset fingers up your bottom and blasts your consciousness into a million pieces.

I celebrate your unique expression of goddess and muse, I play the music for your dakini dance and siren song.

I sit you eye to eye with the critic in the mirror until you burst into elemental giggles with a twinkle in your eye and recognition in your soul.

I want you to feel your big feelings deeply and frequently. There is nothing you could ever to to make me leave you.

I will return to you after the darkest of starless nights, reaffirm you and reassure you through my unwavering consistency that I will show up for you.

Your hope is not foolish, your longing for me is not desperate —
it is wise.

I vow to give you everything you have ever wanted.

I am here. I have all the time in the world. All you have to do is rest in ease and trust to believe.

Their united promise to you

We gave you life, we will never abandon our creation.

We have heard your plea for more. You have been thunderous in your impatience, seductive in your sulking, and obsessive with your ache. We had to make you wait, to slap your reaching wrist and refuse to give into your defiance of lack, because, our beloved, there is a greater story for you.

We are here to take you from fantasy into fulfillment. We will make it happen for you. Let the dream through. 

Cast away the how and the when, those mortal matters mean nothing to the unlimited allowance for life that we have bestowed upon you.

We have the answer to questions you’ve been asking yourself for ten thousand years.

Put your own tales aside and be prepared to be mesmerized by the original poets.

The original lovers. We are here you guide you home. 

It’s time darling.

The Sanctuary is open. 

A container in service to the opening of telling the fully embodied truth, a portal to hold you in the exploration of your homecoming, to unite your relationship with spirituality and sacred sexuality.

The journey I am taking you on, it’s all I know. It’s a provocative path toward the mystery of holy desire, self reclamation and transcendence.

Open ended space, join when you want, stay as long as you need to feel fed. 

3 month minimum, because that's how long it takes to embody your new way of living on cellular somatic level.

We start 7/11.



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