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Hi, I am Hannah Rose

Explore the idea that Sky Daddy is masculine consciousness that wants nothing more than to give it to you good.
Which is what you have been longing for all along, isn’t it?

To be a well f*cked, fumbling ecstatic wreck in the presence of your beloved?

If he wants to give it to you good then wtf is he waiting for?

Are you being punished? Have you been forgotten? Dismissed altogether?

Is your feminine yearning to be fulfilled by a holy lover a sick joke?


He is inviting you to open, wider. 

Sky daddy is making you wait because he is the divine time keeper.

He only gives you what you are truly available for.

Do you notice how things you desire only come to you in right time?

Because he can sense the subtle adjustments you need in order to open wider, to let life flow through you.

That’s why Sky Daddy is the true master of universal foreplay.

So, yeah, he’ll tease you and slap your wrist when you get grabby and gimme.

So that you can feel the way he makes you squirm and scrunch your toes, the way you roll your head back in protest.
He is calling you back into your body so you can open through the ache.
Because the unable-to-bear pain of another moment in separation from him should make you wanna groan and whine
The journey from rage to rapture is supposed to make you dripping wet.
He is teaching you to hold your arousal and trust that he has really got you, even here.
The question is, will you pour love into where you desire his presence so that you can open for the full reception it?

But how? Do you hear my heart thundering?

I know it can feel like a stretch to make all of life part of love making.

I am plenty practiced at closing myself off when it didn’t feel safe to stay open through it. When my fiance left I didn’t believe I would ever be open to love again. When I discovered a partner was unfaithful I took love off the menu entirely. 
Do you jest with the idea of surrendering, more? Do you wonder, how could I possibly open more.. Sky Daddy do you hear me? I am at the bottom of the barrel, do you see why it would be foolish to think I could let life have its way with me, even here?

Yeah, the widening is painful.

The level of trust that is required for the opening is MONUMENTAL. I do get it.  

It took me years to see the possibility of trusting the masculine to guide me and to choose to orient myself toward it. 

Can you relate? All you want is to believe that the masculine has really got you, like really really? So you can be powerfully soft and relaxed and don’t need to work so hard or be such a good girl in order for life to take full care of you around every single twist and turn. 

I WISH I knew then how it was possible to lean all the way back and live so open through all the aching, how all of it was part of the beloved’s love making. I WISH I had been guided to take god as my lover first before I ever invited anyone into my bed. I WISH I knew how to alchemize rage into full passionate rapture with a knowing so deep that every blackout was in service to me opening wider to receive the real, full thing. 

Ooof do you feel me here?

What would it be like if your entire relational field with masculine went through a healing REVOLUTION? 

What if you truly lived open to how ALL OF LIFE is guiding you to your holy lover so that you can open wide in the waiting room while he gives it to you good? 

My wish for you is to feel the warm lap and guiding hand of sky daddy leading you through all of it.

The Sanctuary, in service to the slow feminine opening, is OPEN.


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