It's you, insight seeker. It's always been you. 
Turned on and activated,
I claim the life that celebrates the full truth of who I am as soul. 


Hi holy one

I am Hannah Rose.

I am an alchemist, a tantrika and mystic healer.

I activate and expand cycle breakers to courageously penetrate the heart of the spirit world to claim themselves and turn their magic all the way up.

After recovering my eyesight with my self healing super powers, I have devoted my passion to inspiring others to remember who they are and  rise in their radiance + prosperity to lead the way for the new earth.  

I offer mentorship, teachings + nourishing community that delivers a remedy for living a life in radical alignment, aliveness and presence. 

I am so happy you are here. 

I am a rule breaker who knows that the expansion to the next level HAS to be led by soul.


1:1 Spirit Mentorship

Brave one, this is a self healing + feminine leadership portal. 

Are you craving a channeled, reliable, direct line of communication with your highest self, future self and inner knowing?

Are you seeking clarity and support to ground your spiritual knowledge and gifts from someone who truly understands what it means to be conscious and incredibly intuitive and empathic in our world?

My vision for this mentorship is to serve you as a vessel, a coach and expander as you solidify your relationship with your own eternal truth.

This container is an apprenticeship with divine intelligence and mystery school tools. It's a remembering of wisdom and lessons from your past lives and missions to activate you into self mastery in a more playful and delicious way than you’ve ever experienced before. 

I am here to inspire your light potential, activate your genius, and mentor you into tapping into your insight power in order to direct it into every avenue of prosperity + purpose to fulfill your soul's destiny. 
We need you fully lit up. Vamos light babe!

Journey with me


6 Month

Akashic Record Healing


When I work with Hannah Rose I am signing up to be in her energy and I can always trust I will get exactly what I need.

Working with her is Soul nourishment. I’ve been in the self-growth and transformation space my entire adult life. I’ve made huge changes, but nothing compared to what’s happened the last six months working 1:1 with Hannah Rose. The spiritual gates are fully opened and the transformation happening – well, I can hardly keep up with it.  The results (that are still unfolding) are more than worth leaning into the discomfort! Hannah is magic and she helps me see  my magic too. - Lisa Mott

Hannah Rose is an emotional pipe cleaner.

With empathy, compassion, and unmatched wisdom, she is able to help you deep clean the emotional trauma from your life both physically and metaphorically. Very rarely have I felt so heard, seen, validated, cleansed, uplifted, and moved in such a safe space. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my soul while also feeling more grounded and secure. I cannot recommend this transformational work with Hannah enough. - Ari A.

Hannah Rose possesses strength, power and wisdom unlike anything I have ever witnessed in another human being.

I have been working with her for 3 months and she has already taught me so much in such a short period of time. I have been broken wide open, activated, holding and loving myself. My life has completely changed. She is the embodiment of love, power and pure healing magic. I am so grateful. - Shanna W.

Working with Hannah was the next step of unlocking my potential. 

Everything about my journey with Hannah Rose was so clearly divinely orchestrated. I experienced such a beautiful release of emotions and acceptance of all the different parts of myself, and am so grateful for it all. I would not have been able to do this session a few years ago, so it was a true testament to how far I’ve come on my journey. Hannah Rose is not the first stop along the journey.  Margaux F.

Hannah Rose provides a unique blend of energy work and emotional therapy unlike I have never experienced before. 

I have worked in the wellness industry for 30 years now and I highly recommend working with Hannah Rose. She is phenomenal and highly intuitive. Be open to the journey process and you will be amazed. - Joan G.

Truth is her first language and she bathes it in compassion. 

In one sitting, Hannah Rose can intuitively get to the heart of a matter that would take others years to get to the bottom of.  She sees infinite possibility, beyond what is in front of you and is the epitome of helping us manifest a life we want. - Margherita V.

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