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I mentor visionaries and soul led entrepreneurs to follow the frequency of truth in their lives, to create wholistic generational wealth, guided by their relationships, body and business as their north star.

I want to see you go ALL IN in your dreams

Hi, I am Hannah Rose

Do you desire to follow the true frequency of RECEPTION to live in the playground of plenty?

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Do you wish to receive your most liberating life, right now?

Do you desire more adventure, beauty, intimacy and passion in and out of the bedroom?

Do you want to attract a sacred union partnership or revolutionize your current relationship?

Do you crave refinement, support or expansion for your spiritual business?

Are you highly intuitive? Do you work deep in the energetics and wonder... is it possible to marry the strategics and marketing with the essence of my soul's expression? Can sales be sacred? Can sexual energy really circulate through every part of my life?

Then you have come to the right place!


Unlock Your Inner Pharmacy with Your Sexual Energy


Free 60 min Masterclass + Practice

You get to be a master in the Energetics of Everything AND plant yourself fully here to consciously build the life of your dreams.

Somewhere down the road I decided that I was going to let myself be a beginner, be a divine child and enjoy the journey.

I learned that I get to play with identities without having to be enslaved or attached to any of them. I get to create for the sake of creating.

I can be the messy bun, surfer babe, resourceful camper


The lux loving, only the best ingredients, Awakened Feminine Leader.

I get to balance my service life with adventure and connection with the people I love, and work my schedule around my cycles and moods.

I know what if feels like to wander and wonder, will it ever happen for me? Who gave me permission to do what I do? What happens when I arrive 'there', or rather.. here?

You get to be spiritually wealthy AND financially resourced AND you get to do it in the way that embraces the authentic genuine YOU. Your method. Your truth. The purpose of your soul gets to fully express itself freely, and YOU, at EVERY AGE, get to evolve with it, birthing more of your potential, as a clear channel, a beacon of light for those around you, every step of the way.

I am here to affirm you that being the bridge between realms is your birthright.

Thank you for being brave enough to stand in your expertise.

Thank you for being here, earth side, together now.  

Be the BRidge

When you Decide to

The 8 week intensive for Female Entrepreneurs and mystics to read their Akashic Records, hone in on their high speed connection method and refine their erotic channel to bring forth their creative life's work. In Sisterhood.

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The Freak For Spirit Mistressmind


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