The Akashic field is a living library of your soul's journey since inception.  All feelings, experiences, memories and relationships are imprinted energetically in the records. The healing is channeled through masters, teachers and loved ones that know you, why you are here, and what's really happening from a higher perspective.

Akashic Field

Healing experience


When you read someone's Akashic Records, you are connecting with their soul. It is a profoundly sacred, insightful and personal experience. 

Which is why it is my greatest pleasure to be invited into the unique frequency of your soul essence.


I work in the Akashic field as a translator of your holy energetic flow. We give voice, feeling, understanding and perception to your soul's sacred imprinting.

I will be your energy doula and intuitive spiritual guide inside the Akashic Field.

Calling all kindred spirits

Working in the records is for ANYONE! But not for everyone. This experience is for the person who is interested in the birds eye view of what is true. It is a safe healing sanctuary to meet parts of yourself, unprocessed emotions and deep potential for true soul growth and expression.

You will find peace, healing & empowerment in a session if you are the midst of the following:

The passing of a loved one, friend or pet
Navigating a big life change
Searching for the next step in your career, love life or personal health
Seeking insight from signs, messages & synchronicities
Healing chronic pain
Healing familial relationships
Understanding addiction & abuse 
Unlocking new heights in money abundance and pleasure
Curious about your spiritual journey

How long is the session?

A single session is 60 minutes and VIP experience is 120 minutes via zoom.

What to expect from first session

I combine many of the spiritual, psychological, and/or coaching and healing techniques I already practice into working within the Akashic Field. 

We will go as deep as you would like. We discuss the areas of your life you would like to inquire about during the session, for example, emotional issues, relationship pattern, or financial blocks. You will have the wisdom, clarity and energy healing of the Record Keepers throughout the whole session, and you will find that ease, insight and resolution come very quickly from this place of grace and love.   

How do I prepare?

Upon filling out the contact form you will be agreeing to a contract that is spiritual in nature (not legal) and gives me permission to access your full Akashic Records when we connect. In addition, I require the commitment of the energy exchange, that is, the payment, taken care of so the energy is in balance. I ask for these tasks to be complete at least 48 hours before we meet. Beyond that, you don't need to prepare anything unless you have specific questions you would like addressed.

What is the energy exchange?

Single Sessions as 1:1 intensives within the Akashic field for 1 hr are $222.

2 hr VIP experience is $400.

What is the difference between an Akashic Reading and Healing / Clearing?

In a reading you ask questions and get to know yourself from a soul level perspective.

The Akashic Clearing within the records moves stagnant energy from the energy bodies for transmutation. The higher self guides this process, along with your masters, teachers and guides. The energy healing through a clearing is often related to karmic connections, past life memories and ancestral patterns that live in the outer layers of the energy body. 

The whole process is guided and held. You have the opportunity to go as deep as you would like.

How does it work?

We say a prayer with your full name at birth to access your unique vibration.

The channel to the records is open to anyone at anytime, and sometime soon we will all be living within the field all the time! But right now, if we left it open it would feel like trying to fit the ocean into a tea cup!

In a session, we facilitate entry into soul space in order to give permission (free will) to receive information and healing from the field. It's beautiful!

Example Questions for the records

Take some time to consider what’s really going on in your life and your priorities at this moment. Where you would like insight, guidance, and healing information? Are you in a big life transition? Would you like messages from the house you want to buy or the baby you are trying to conceive?

What is the primary past life issue you came here to resolve in this lifetime?
What type of art or inspiration wants to flow through you at this time?
What goals do you have but aren’t sure how to approach them?
What relationships are challenging you right now?
What truths do you want to know?

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