Hello beloved

I am an expander, a tantrika and energy healer.

Like you, I  have been the huntress and the hunted, and emerged from hiding with gifts from the darkness.

But you don't care what I call myself, do you? You want to know about the codes I carry. 

My soul song is about the reclamation of sacred sexuality and spirituality as holy, whole and one. 

I am Hannah Rose

My field is a haven for initiates. The medicine of my channel serves the inner divine union of the healer's heart and the warrior's spirit.

It's ooey, gooey melt in your mouth adoration and devotion. A richness of love cozy with purpose and full of promises fulfilled.

It feels like a smell, a tasting on your skin, bathing in your own Amrita, the milk of the mother.

The field pulses with mercy, generosity and full body goosies. The erotic innocence is mischievous, it holds paradoxical magic and clever play.
It is pure, insightful, self expressive and pioneering. It is wild, strong willed, prophetic and empowered.

My medicine is a combination of angel wings and mermaid tail. The Priestess of light technologies and Curandera medicine woman earth wisdom Magik. 

The energetic bonds in the field work fast. Anything that isn’t true emerges to light. The strength of the field always shows us where we still long to be free and coaxes us into compassionate responsibility to lead self towards what is closed and separate. 

The light power of the electricity can be a lot to hold. I am a devotee of this power as student, first and foremost. Our agreement when we work together is that the field will not work you until you give your consent with a whole hearted full body yes. Anything less than this is energetically expensive for you and extractive and exploitative for me.

Everything that enters must pass through the pussy gates of truth. Including my own tales of karmic poetry and illusion. The process of turning toward my parts and teaching through them is where the patterns experience their own resolution of embodied integration. 

My medicine is in its own ceremony, full of body Shakti. A steward of her love, in devotion for the sake of devotion.

In courage, reverence and tenderness.

I went blind so that I would know
what it felt like
to go inward and finally see
I built a temple of peace and glory
In the apex between my thighs
Overlooking the ocean
At sunset

My prayer for humanity is to wake at sunrise 
as a flower does in love
with ancient revery

and well f*cked.


In love

Hannah Rose

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