Hi, I am Hannah Rose

I am here for all things freedom

You could say I am a tantric mystic and spiritual entrepreneur, but I see myself as a rubik’s cuber and a proud mischief maker with the sense of humor of a 12 year old surfer boy at heart.

Originally from the USA, I lived in Israel for several years before moving to my soul home in Mexico. I have facilitated hundreds of people around the world through transformational retreats and healing journeys of empowerment. I currently reside in surf paradise of Baja California Sur.

I have been studying energy for 15 years. I hold an E-RYT Yoga Teaching certification and a YCAEP continued education provider. I have a background in Reflexology Energy Bodywork, Tantra, Zen Buddhism, Chinese Traditional Medicine and the Shamanic path. But you don't care what I have studied...

Through my own experiences with auto immune illness and suicidal depression, I discovered the power to heal my body from by unlocking my inner pharmacy. I understand the psychics journey to understand heir gifts, overwhelmed by sensitivity, trapped by the system, who goes on the search for answers to energy phenomenon and living a meaningful life. My curiosity led me on a path to uncover the truth. 

My journey took me to Israel to explore my identity and train the warrior spirit as a soldier in the military. I realized that everything outside of me was within me, and understood that I had to know war in order to know peace. 

I would say that I find my answers through who I become while living the questions.

Now, from my home in Mexico, I am here to share with you what inspires me to turn everything in life into the path for liberation and adventure. I am all about the reclamation of sacred sexuality and spirituality to explore new heights of safety, magic and love in our relationships and leadership.

I am here to show you how to courageously live from your deep meaningful why, and go forth and create a life of prosperity and authenticity, your way. 

Live in The Playground of plenty

Material Wealth

If you landed here it means you know that abundance isn't something you manifest, it's who you are. 

How would your quality of life change if you knew how to work the energetics of your life to..

  • Attract what you desire, openly receive it, have the inner strength to sustain it and the wisdom to multiply it?

  • Access unlimited inner resources like pleasure, meaning, self worth, clarity, courage and confidence, irrespective of external circumstance?

  • Circulate emotional and sexual energy throughout your body as a powerful force of healing for yourself and others?

  • Tap into your intuition and overcome fears that are stopping you from moving forward toward?

Understand the Energetics of everything

Spiritual Prosperity

What does your next level of wealth look like and feel like? 

My approach to wholistic generational wealth is with the philosophy that the ideas, money and time we circulate throughout our lives is a reflection of the energy bandwidth of beliefs, emotions and values that motivate us below the surface.

So why not....
  • Evolve your relationship with energy, money and sustainable natural resources?
  • Be intentional about building your life in alignment with your desires?
  • Prioritize your financial health and literacy?
  • Invest in mentors, coaches, programs and leadership that inspire your dreams?
  • Circulate your time and resources with people and places that matter to you?

What is your relationship to receptivity?



Become The Bridge to

Spiritual Prosperity & Sacred Leadership

Material Wealth & Business of Belief


My field is a haven and playground.

It's ooey, gooey melt in your mouth adoration and devotion. A richness of love cozy with purpose and full of promises fulfilled.

It feels like a smell, a tasting on your skin.

The field pulses with mercy, generosity and full body goosies. The erotic innocence holds paradoxical magic and clever play.
It is pure, insightful, self expressive and pioneering.

It is wild, strong willed, prophetic and empowered.

My medicine is a combination of angel wings and mermaid tail. It brings insight from far out Pleiadian light technologies, to the earth keeper of Curandera magic wisdom, and has a strategic warrior that leads with truth and with a why so strong it can endure any how. 

In courage, reverence and tenderness

It feels like home.


My Medicine

I went blind so that I would know
what it felt like
to go inward and finally see
I built a temple of peace and glory
In the apex between my thighs
Overlooking the ocean
At sunset

My prayer for humanity is to wake at sunrise 
as a flower does in love
with ancient revery

and well f*cked.


In love

Hannah Rose


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