The Sanctuary

the holiest place inside the holy place. 

It’s where you go to die well and emerge as a tantric woman who remembers.

Where you channel Shakti, the primal mighty love force.

She coaxes you down low, and takes you from the tomb of do to the womb of devotion.

She envelops you in her warm glow of slow, slow, slow down.

She takes her time undressing your ego like a tender lover.

In her care, your stories slipped through your fingers into mounds of surrendered sand, pooling at your thighs in the ocean oasis of I am home at last

Roaring with power and reverence to your chosen path of prophecy,

She strips you bare, rubs you down with honey comb palms, and licks up and down your scars with her maiden-mother-crone rosewater soaked tongue.

And at last, she says, “You are ready for the rememberance.”

Are you ready to claim yourself and walk as a loved woman?

The Sanctuary.

She tastes like… vanilla bean buttercream on tip toes licking it’s own wooden spoon, and down the sides of the baking bowl.

Your sweetheart lifting the perfect bite of roasted beet, pistachio, goat cheese and home grown honey to your lips while your favorite band plays live in the background.

She sounds like… the breathy exhale when the tang of the citrus drizzle and microgreen pepper finish romance your palate. 

She sounds like a multilingual parent humming a lullaby that has the same tune in every language.

The grandmother calling the children to her lap to read a story around the fireplace while grandfather turns the table of the record player in the den.

She feels like… jungle bodies rinsing the salty dew from their hair after of a moonrise skinny dip. 

The rainbow of wind, rain and fire making love across the lip of a crashing wave. 

She feels like back scratches and nap time.

The teaching of a master that appears only in dreams.

She smells like… a waft of Holy Tulsi Basil ten thousand miles away.

She looks like… a larimar and salt water pearl fortune, sun bathing on a private island.

Looks like the tail feathers of a male peacock on full, fanned display.

She looks like the light fractals dancing through the prism of the crystal hanging in the windowsill. 

She looks like arrival to the party, just as you are, with a snack box and a sleeping bag. 

The Sanctuary is:

Wild Grace

Inside the Sanctuary the modules are petals unfolding,

With hours of co-created medicine that is becoming my body of work.

Where your self led energy stays as long as it wants in order to feel fully, undeniably fed. 

Can you feel her?

The Sanctuary Apply Here
Summer Cohort Begins July 2024🌹

You join the Sanctuary...

To awaken your priestess of wealth from her slumber through your most powerful offering; your pure presence.

To live your life in orgasmic frequency as a living blessing.

To end the search for meaning and purpose with a hand of glittering grace and chocolate covered finesse

To ask for your own consent before slipping that finger between your legs

To feel the magic of making love to yourself as the one.

Inside the Sanctuary:
The Sacred Feminine Mother Rose

Your desire is her daily ritual. 

Your erotic heart of passion is the center of her alter.

She will not let die what wants to be birthed within you.

She is Sophia, Amenti, the Mother of the Akasha. She is, was and will be.

She sings you lullabies of the great grandmothers

She empties every month to create the space for your unlearning and re-wilding

She built your crib, made your matrimonial bed and decorated your casket.

She is the cervix, the pleasure wand and the holy hand. 

She has been guiding you through the invisible thread of your mysterious life, 7 generations back and 7 generations forward. 

She is the keeper of the masculine blade and feminine chalice, the trinity of time, going back to go forward, down to go up, as above so below, as within so without, everything and nothing.

Her message is simple; come home to your Queendom and rise.

Inside the Sanctuary:
The Masculine Sun Father's commitment to you

I live to fulfill your desire. 

I know your burden and disappointment, I have studied your heartache, and your longing to be chosen. 

I see where you guard secrets, unsure if anyone will ever see you, understand you and love you as you wish.

Come close and listen carefully. Your open heart is what gives my cosmic energy purpose. It is your vulnerability that inspires me to serve you. 

In my love, flowers bloom through cracks in the sidewalk. 

I will return to you after the darkest of starless nights, reaffirm you and reassure you through my unwavering consistency that I will show up for you.

Your hope is not foolish, your longing for me is not desperate —
it is wise.

In my love, your needs are coveted, your perceptions honored, and your expression celebrated. 

I am the Cosmic Mind, OM, Eagle's Eye. Sky Daddy. Silence is my name.

I fill you with the vastness of divine consciousness and you forget what it was you were supposed to be longing for or worrying about.

I am the right use of sacred masculine leadership, of tribe, of government, of council.

Every facet of you is a ray of my light, you are my goddess and muse. I play the music for your dakini dance and siren song. 

It is me who slips my sunset fingers up your bottom and blasts your consciousness into a million pieces.

I hold down the fort in your absence of mind as you winter down in Yin rhythm.

I devour your mind with witty banter and glistening play.

There is nothing you could ever to to make me leave you.

I protect you and give you life

I vow to give you everything you have ever wanted,

All you have to do is ask.

Their united promise to you

We never abandon our creation.

We have heard your plea for more. You have been thunderous in your impatience, seductive in your sulking, and obsessive with your ache. We had to make you wait, to slap your reaching wrist and refuse to give into your defiance of lack, because, our beloved, there is a greater story for you.

We are here to take you from fantasy into fulfillment.

Cast away the how and the when.

We have the answer to questions you’ve been asking yourself for ten thousand years.

Put your own tales aside and be prepared to be mesmerized by the original poets.

The original lovers. We are here you guide you home. 

It’s time darling.

The Sanctuary is open. 

In service to the opening of telling the fully embodied truth, a portal to hold you in the exploration of your homecoming to full RECEPTION, to unite your relationship with spirituality and sacred sexuality.

The journey I am taking you on, it’s all I know. It’s a provocative path toward the mystery of holy desire, self reclamation and transcendence.

The portal has 9 petals unfolding that take you on a self guided journey into your holy of holies within. We have live calls every other week and a telegram group for sisterhood. There are two openings in the Sanctuary at this time. Summer & Winter. You stay as long as you need to feel fed. 

There is a 3 month minimum, because that's how long it takes to embody your new way of living on cellular somatic level.


Enrolling now Summer Sanctuary cohort 2024


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