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March 27th - April 5th 2024

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 I am interested in anything you have to offer when it comes to my soul. 

It was tranquil and magical. I am more kind to myself and do not feel guilty doing me. I am interested in anything you have to offer when it comes to my soul. 
- Melodie D.

It was over the top great

I came in tired and cynical, and left refreshed and gentler. I was able to remind myself who I a at my core and how I want to love. I seldom get to be playful and loved the play and dance. The food, the sound healing, it was all over the top great!
- Diane M.

After this retreat I feel  connected, nourished and supported.

Hannah Rose is channel for healing and everything good. She never misses a beat. She shares her gifts so freely. 

- Dianne B

Hannah Rose provides a unique blend of energy work and emotional therapy unlike I have never experienced before. 

I have worked in the wellness industry for 30 years now and I highly recommend working with Hannah Rose. She is phenomenal and highly intuitive. Be open to the journey process and you will be amazed.
- Joan G.

I feel calmer, lighter and a sense of relief.

I feel calmer, lighter and a sense of relief. Past life emotional integration and breathwork journey released so much pent up emotion.
- Rose G.

When I work with Hannah Rose I am signing up to be in her energy and I can always trust I will get exactly what I need.

Working with her is Soul nourishment. I’ve been in the self-growth and transformation space my entire adult life. I’ve made huge changes, but nothing compared to what’s happened the last six months working 1:1 with Hannah Rose and going on Retreat. The spiritual gates are fully opened and the transformation happening – well, I can hardly keep up with it.  The results (that are still unfolding) are more than worth leaning into the discomfort! Hannah is magic and she helps me see  my magic too. - Lisa M.


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