The Sanctuary

Entry into the Sanctuary, the holy of holies, requires a dismantling.

It implies a deep unwinding of the way this word has been externally codified, as you land in her true frequency of the sacredly sexual inner temple of worship.

This portal is in service to the regeneration of this mysterious and mystical inner dwelling place - the sanctuary within. 

Alongside the feminine love force and diving masculine power of consciousness, I serve the frequency of Sanctuary, she tells me how long she needs to do her work and the time it takes for the commitment to serve the embodiment.

I am in service to the slow feminine opening and she cannot be rushed, forced or produced.

For this reason, 3 months is the minimum commitment to work with us inside the Sanctuary at this time. 

Once I review your application, I will be in touch if we are aligned.

We work with:
Flavors of Tao and Tantra
Somatic deep dives + journeys
Initiations from the Toltec Shamans, dreamers & seers
Transmissions from the master plant elders and earth wisdom keepers
Tastes of the Akashic Records and the light keys of the Pleiadian lineage
Presence of Yin, Yang and the Traditional Chinese Medicine path 
Orgasmic frequency council, guidance and mentorship
Breathwork warriorship, self healership & mastery 

Your Commitment:
$222 a month for a minimum of 3 months
Starting on 7/11
We meet live every other Tuesday for group ceremony, coaching and healing
Calls will be recorded and uploaded
You are held and supported with teachings, transmissions and guided practices through an online portal

My Commitment:
I am responsible for my return to wholeness so that you are self assured in yours. To hold the field of Sanctuary in truth, integrity and love. To authentically invite you inside where I dwell, serve and devote.

So that we can all do our dying better and simpler.  

Are you ready have your panties absolutely wrecked and unleash your ravenous erotic appetite for life?

Close your eyes, take a breath, count to three and feel your way.


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